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Regents Chem


The Atom
Math in Chem
The Periodic Table
Acids and Bases
Organic Chem
Nuclear Chem



Chemistry is often regarded by students as a difficult to understand subject that they will seldom use in their adult life. The previous statement unfortunately is generally true. Most students do not understand chemistry not because of an inability to, but because of their unwillingness to. In order to do well in this class, you must be committed to working hard, paying attention, being present and punctual for class. If you happen to miss class or lab it is solely YOUR responsibility to seek find out what you have missed and make up the work in a timely fashion. Missed exams and quizzes must be made up the day you return to class. If you fail to make up the quiz or exam the day you return you will receive a zero as a grade. It is also expected that you work 3-5 hours outside of class on your own to become comfortable with the material presented in class.  Additionally, I am available for extra help generally everyday at various times.  Please do not hesitate to see me.


The grading system I will be using is based upon points earned. Each quiz, exam, lab, homework assignment, etc. will be worth some predetermines point value. For example: If at the end of the quarter the total possible points equals 1000 and you earned a total of 850 points, you will receive an 85 on your report card.
The formula being used is Points Earned / Total Points = Your Grade.






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