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1985 Local 1986 Local 1987 National 1988 Local
1988 National 1989 Local 1989 National 1990 Local
1990 National 1991 Local 1991 National 1992 Local
1992 National 1993 Local 1994 Local 1994 National
1995 Local 1995 National 1996 Local 1996 National
1997 Local 1997 National 1998 Local 1998 National
1999 Local 1999 National    

Starting in the year 2000, the American Chemical Society has begun to post the NChO tests in PDF format. They are divided into two menu areas:

ACS Education - High School Chemistry Olympiad - Local Competitions
ACS Education - High School Chemistry Olympiad - National Exam

The Australian Chemistry Olympiad has a selection of their past qualifying and final exams available as Adobe Acrobat files.